Pocketweb launches ProLiving app, combining a Smart Home System, Video Assistance and Health on the tablet

Be informed about every relevant event in the house like fire alarms or burglar alarms by smartly connected sensor systems? View the alarm system status and watch the flat via webcam while being on the road? Not a problem!

Berlin, Germany (5th November 2013) - After a intensive collaboration with ProSanus a beta release of the app ProLiving has been launched. To date the app is not available to the public, but serves for presenting the concept on fairs and events, where interested users can test the app with a simulated home.

The complete system developed by Pocketweb consists of a powerful backend, an assistant interface and call center interface for management and direct user support, a SmartHome system and of course the app for the end consumer: With this app the user can make video calls with his assistant, order and manage services from external service providers ranging from healthcare and nurture to delivery services, but also control his home with the seamlessly integrated HomeMatic-SmartHome technology, in order to make it safer, more energy efficient and more comfortable.

ProLiving will probably be launched for the public beginning of 2014 with several service tariffs, that allow the user to book service packages that are perfectly tailored to the users needs.
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