GPS based app "Green Travel Choice" makes CO2 reduction simple for responsible travelers - Try it on your iPhone now!

Pocketweb partners with leading environmental organizations to release a new green iPhone app, adding to its successful location-based mobile solutions. This initiative directly supports Ecotourism and Cleaner Climate projects that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Sydney, Australia/Wanaka, New Zealand/Washington DC, USA, 15 April, 2010 - Pocketweb Ltd., in partnership with The International Ecotourism Society (TIES), announces the launch of a new GPS based CO2 tracker based on Pocketweb's award-winning location-based web and mobile platform Pocket Life. Named "Green Travel Choice" (www.GreenTravelChoice.com) the application is out now on the shelves of Apple's iTunes App Stores worldwide.

Green Travel Choice gives responsible travelers a simple and effective way to make informed travel choices, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of their journeys - whether it's the next trip overseas or just a ride downtown. With only two clicks on the map Green Travel Choice will show possible travel options for your route (out of nine typical modes of transport) and the expected CO2 emissions for each transport option.

Green Travel Choice

Unlike other tools that offer static carbon calculation, Green Travel Choice allows you to find out about your emissions before or as you move. The application includes the Travel Logbook function that stores information on each trip, serving as a summary of your travel carbon footprint over time. At any time, you can use this information to optimize your CO2 saving, offset your emissions or share your numbers with your friends, colleagues, or sustainability programs at your workplace.

According to Alexander Koeppen, CMO of Pocketweb, an average person in industrialized nations emits about 50-66 kg (110-145 lbs) of CO2 every week for travel. "If you drive an SUV from New York City to Washington D.C., for example, the carbon footprint of your travel will amount to about 110 kg (240 lbs) of CO2. If you take the train instead, you can reduce this to 21 kg (46 lbs)."

When you download the Green Travel Choice iPhone application, you will also receive a US$15 voucher to join The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) as a Traveler member. "TIES team is excited to support and be part of this joint initiative to raise awareness of the climate impact of individual traveler awareness," says Ayako Ezaki, TIES Director of Communications, "Green Travel Choice is not your usual carbon calculator; it offers a new and innovative - and fun - approach to measuring and managing your footprint."

With this initiative Pocketweb will support Ecotourism projects by TIES and renewable energy projects by Carbon Offset Partner Cleaner Climate. "The partnership approach helps to raise awareness and drive industry collaboration. Launch partners include TIES, Cleaner Climate and Commute Greener!. More partnerships are in preparation" says Pocketweb CEO Hanno Blankenstein.

Pocketweb welcomes additional partnership and collaboration opportunities to enhance the marketing and implementation of Green Travel Choice.

Green Travel Choice is available on the iPhone App Store now.
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