Pocketweb teams up with tech giant Amdocs

Pocketweb has entered a technology and marketing partnership with Amdocs to extend its global reach and address new customer segments across industries.

Wanaka, New Zealand, 10 January, 2011 - Pocketweb and Amdocs will join forces to attract telecommunication services providers and corporate customers across industries who intend to offer mobile and location based services across mobile platforms. The integration of Pocketweb's award winning platform and Amdocs' Hub services allows for globally scalable solutions and will be promoted via Amdocs' Service Book.

Amdocs, which recorded about $2.9 billion in revenue last year, provides billing and customer-relationship management software to telecom companies. The Chesterfield, Mo.-based firm has branched out into the mobile payment and advertizing market. Its value proposition is to provide applications to telecom companies that are instantly running on an array of smart phones. (typically, a company creates an app for one type of device, such as the iPhone, then must modify it so the product can work with a BlackBerry or Android phone). Pocketweb's platform provides the underlying modules and features (business logic) and makes front ends available across mobile platforms. Amdocs will allow consumers to pay for these product via their mobile phone and charge the purchase to their phone bill.

The partnership is seen as a further step in Pocketweb's roadmap to drive growth in the US market as well as in the European and Asian market.
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