Pocketweb Releases Pocket Ping, Looks To Impact Disaster Preparedness

Leading global, award-winning provider of location-based and social media services announces version 1.0 of specialized disaster preparedness iOS app in response to recent Australasia natural disasters

LOS ANGELES, CA and NEW YORK, NY (June 6, 2011) - Pocketweb Ltd., a New Zealand-based, award-winning innovator that integrates secure location-based and social media services across web and mobile platforms, today announces the public release of mobile application Pocket Ping®. The app is powered by TreadCrumb&trade, Pocketweb's proprietary platform that utilizes the company's location-based technology to provide Pocket Ping® app users with the option to share their location via web link to chosen recipients.

"We developed the TreadCrumb® platform in 2010, and have been waiting patiently for the appropriate utilization of the technology" remarked Michael Heinzel, Co-founder and Managing Director of Pocketweb. "After the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquakes, followed by Japan's natural disaster, we knew that it was time to re-visit the original idea and create something relevant to disaster preparedness; the technology is 'ripe' for the circumstances."

Unlike many emergency response/disaster recovery-related apps that focus on locating resources post-disaster or recovering data that has potentially been compromised, Pocket Ping® focuses solely on preparedness by offering users a simple mechanism by which to privately and anonymously share their location on a regular, automated, basis with loved ones and close friends.

Added Pocketweb Co-founder and Managing Director, Dr. Alexander Köppen: "The idea behind Pocket Ping® is simple: know where loved ones are. While sizeable industry players like Facebook and Twitter utilize location-based technology that can be extremely helpful in locating missing persons, the privacy issues around these platforms, particularly when one's location is dispersed to a massive, often un-vetted, group of contacts, are obvious and have stirred up controversy among key industry analysts, government agencies, and consumers."

Pocket Ping® version 1.0 features include:

Future versions of the application are already in the works and include: social network integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare; "TreadCrumb" travel diary; photo tagging; replay functionality; multiple loved ones' "TreadCrumb" views; zone-specific location update notifications; and an Android version.

To view a demonstration of Pocket Ping® powered by TreadCrumb&trade visit:


or watch the promotional video here:

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