Benefit from our extensive experience working with IT departments of large organisations, other agencies and & startups

Cannobe: The network for experienced leader

PocketWeb is developing a platform for ladies and gentlemen with many years of experience in management, technologies, business, research & science, art and culture for a Potsdam-based company. The goal is to convey existing professional and life experience, which is usually idle among “un-retired” people, and thus put it to good use. The technology behind the community features such as networking, exchange and streams is cloud-based and designed for scalability and rapidly growing user numbers with the highest standards for data security.

Smarthome Apps von Pocketweb

Smart Home & Video-Concierge

Smarthome apps for controlling intelligently networked sensor systems and integrating supplementary value-added services such as video concierge and ordering services. A clever interaction design makes use playfully simple and understandable for all ages. Browser solutions including video channel and multi-level reporting are available for the customer’s sales and support teams. The backend for controlling all solutions was also developed entirely by Pocketweb.

Medizin Apps von Pocketweb

Health Care App for Patients & Clinics

Pocketweb is developing apps, web solution and backend for an international provider of rapid medical tests that enable patients to perform rapid tests on their own and then evaluate them via the smartphone’s integrated camera. A personal history makes it easy to recognize the changes and trends and to react at an early stage.
All solutions are synchronized with the customer’s production processes and meet all security requirements.

Yoga App entwickelt von Pocketweb

Hybrid Apps for Europes largest  Yoga Community

Hybrid apps and a powerful backend for providing extensive media such as videos, sound files, instructions and thousands of seminar offers. The offering is rounded off with functions such as proximity search for centers, seminars and courses, various timers for specific exercises and offline functions for undisturbed practice.

Backend and content management system based on Drupal ensure integrated and user-friendly integration and maintenance of content as well as output to a wide variety of channels and platforms.

Financial Services Apps

Solutions for sales departments and end customers as well as connection to legacy systems.

Secure access and touch ID. Display and evaluation of various accounts and asset overviews including P&L, time-weighted and money-weighted returns.

Integration of scanner solutions for reading and scanning documents. Display and send PDF reports.

Innovative Product Scan App

Apps and web application for the world’s first online platform for climate-neutral consumption. Consumers can playfully and free of charge offset the amount of CO2 generated for the production, delivery and use of the products they buy.
The solution specifically relies on the dynamics of social networks.
Pocketweb also developed the backend as well as a comprehensive barcode database and the possibility for in-shop campaigns of connected retailers.

App for worldwide leading market research company

Comprehensive data visualization of market research data in the consumer goods sector. Current market data is automatically integrated, visualized and made available in parallel in automatically generated PDF reports.
The app optimizes displays on smartphones and tablets/iPads and enables the report data to be printed, sent and recommended.

Smarthome control for fuel cell and hydrogen storage system

The app controls an intelligent energy supply system that turns the respective solar system into a highly available power plant. A battery provides day/night storage, while fuel cells, electrolyzers and hydrogen storage provide seasonal storage. The result is self-sufficient renewable energy supply without grid access.
Features include control of the plant, visualization of energy flows in real time, and display of historical consumption data.

Entertainment World for Kids

Pocketweb is developing an entertainment world for children up to the age of 8 for the leading European games manufacturer. This offers video content such as feature films and series, audio content, interactive eBooks, games and much more.
Content can be individually selected and made visible via a separate parents’ area. A “friendly” timer makes it possible to keep an eye on children’s media consumption.

Expat community for chinese Investors

Backend and apps as a community platform for expats and students abroad. Extensive features like posting, followers, real-time chat and events allow identification and collaboration between users.
Completely location-based and multi-language (including special versions for Mandarin, Russian, etc.).
Optimizations for the Chinese market (Baidu integration, provision for Chinese app stores, etc.).
Fitness App von Pocketweb

Fitness App from leading medical experts

For this company we provide a complete white-label health platform with solutions on web, Android and iPhone. The daily dose of exercise to live healthy? You don’t need sports for that, because often you don’t need much at all! This app counts steps and records other sporting activities and uses intelligent, personalized algorithms to calculate how much of the daily dose of exercise has already been achieved. In addition to the integrated pedometer, data from other external devices such as pedometers can also be integrated via a powerful backend platform. Meaningful statistics can be used to quickly identify achieved goals and opportunities for improvement.

Social Media Apps von Pocketweb

Social Networking App

For a German-American start-up team, we developed an app that takes a promising and innovative approach to replacing paper business cards.

In addition to its unique functionality, the app can really inspire with its sleek and high-end design and a user experience that has been thought through down to the smallest detail.

Following its launch at the end of October 2013, the app is now in the American and German AppStores.

Pocket Life: Location based social networking

Pocket Life is mobile lifestyle: see on maps where your friends are right now and what they are doing. Pocket Life is fun: share your experiences, your photos or your favorite places.

Anyone can use Pocket Life: Worldwide, on almost all cell phones. Pocket Life is safe: everything is designed around your privacy.

You can see at any time who sees you or with whom you share what. Pocket Life is easy and free: join!

Commute Greener

The Commute Greener! service makes it easy for you to measure the carbon dioxide emissions caused by your daily commute on the web and in mobile versions. Whether you travel by car, bus, train or bike, Commute Greener! allows you to actively minimize your carbon footprint with just a few clicks. With the help of information about your travel route, you can also find carpools and travel together in a more environmentally conscious way.

Gesundheits-App von Pocketweb

Actively manage health and doctor visits

This integrated solution for app and desktop web browser version is the smart way to manage your own health. The user has access to his health record, history and upcoming appointments and treatments at any time. Arranged according to medical fields, symptoms, illnesses, medications, allergies, vaccinations and much more are always in view and can also be taken along to doctor’s visits as a medical history. Nationwide databases for doctors, medications and diagnosis codes ensure a consistent exchange with the doctor.

Web-Anwendung für Personalvermittlung

Apps for Recruiting Agents

A comprehensive solution with template-based application creation, automatic PDF generation, payment and automatic dispatch by email or post via interface connection. The user has all processes and status values for an active application and development management in view and access to over 200,000 employers. Employers can target new talent areas and position themselves as employers.

The modern implementation of a business concept as software-as-a-service.

Capital Portal for young people as web application and app

Leading capital platform for young people that informs users professionally, engages them in terms of opinion formation and reaches them on all channels.

Content and campaigns are effectively managed via a powerful backend and a content management system based on Drupal.

In addition, all Berlin youth initiatives and contact points are integrated via role-based access and interfaces. A strong piece of Berlin.

Pocket Ping: Location Diary

Pocket Ping enables you to have a record of your favorite places and the results, so called TreadCrumbs, are displayed live in the app or in the web. Sharing your TreadCrumbs is easily done and most importantly: The service is free and anonymized and requires no registration. And your friends’ TreadCrumbs are displayed right next to yours!